About Me

Welcome Again Friends,

I suppose that you have already gone through my home page. And I am sure, that you have got various questions in your mind related to me and my website. Ok, so let’s get started:
My name is Amar Jain. First of all, I am proud to be an Indian.
I was born in M.P., and completed my schooling from Rajasthan.
Currently I am pursuing BLS.LL.B, from Government Law College, Mumbai.

My mind always goes back to my childhood whenever I think of my school. Wouldn't you love to see my school?
I know you are saying 'O yes, why not!' Ok, please have a look at: My School's Website.

A remarkable change comes into the life of a child when he enters into college. I'm sure, 90% of the youth won't agree with me. But trust me, if you are totally dedicated towards your career, then you are in those 10% of the remaining youth who will agree with me on this point. College life or in other words, your professional life if taken sincerely, makes us a perfect man. It embodies the virtues like punctuality, discipline, honesty towards your work, and lots more in a student. For sure, it is full of fun and learning.
But the only things on which we should sincerely pay attention are time management, our moto and of course intelligent studies.
Do you wish to know about that college because of which I have learnt so many things? Then, please Visit My College's Website.

Are you going to ask that all these virtues are taught to us by our family and school in childhood itself and there is nothing to do with all this in college? If yes, then you are praised for this question!
Certainly, these things are taught to us in our childhood but this is when the time for practical application of those virtues to which I call 'success mantra' comes.

About My Interest in Technology and Website Development

I know the final question in your mind is that 'Why I am so much into technology while my profession is Law'?

Well it is a fact that no one can survive without technology today. And no one will be able to do so in the coming future. Like the above fact, one cannot imagine a civilized society without Laws.
So according to me today a perfect man is one who has got the good knowledge of Laws and Technology both.
This is the reason why I have chosen Law as my profession and why I am keenly interested in understanding technology.
My objective behind learning Law and understanding Technology is to establish a balanced relationship between rapidly changing technology and the less frequently changing laws (as compared to technology).

After finishing my studies, I will share information via this website which may be of great use for everyone who is or will be into legal profession.
I will also insure that the available information is simple so that a layman can understand it, and contains intellectual food for legal professionals.
Let me also tell you that I cannot restrict myself to my profession. So, you will also see the content on this site which is of everyone's interest. For instance, good songs. But friends, all this will take time.
So please be patient and keep showing your interest in my site.
Lastly, you will not see frequent updates on the website. So please don't get hopeless because as soon as I will get extra free time, I will come up with something unique.
Till then for cool tips on computer and for useful information on laws, keep visiting My Blog.

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